The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast: Episode 241: Unfathomable and Our Spooky Board Game Rethemes

It's Halloween and the Founders are back to scare your pants off! First the gang talks about their recent trip to Columbus Ohio for Origins Game Fair. Then they get into some games they've been playing including Return to Dark Tower, DC Deck Building Game, Lost Ones, Bitoku, Seasons and Voidfall. Then Chris, Don and Jamie jump into a feature review the Battlestar Galactica retheme, Unfathomable from Fantasy Flight Games. Then Tony T throws runs down all the tabletop gaming news that matters to you, the Cabalist. And finally, to honor our feature review, we pitch some horror movie board game rethemes that we'd love to see made. Oh, and throughout the entire episode the gang is visited by the Gatekeeper from the old Nightmare board game to give us some Halloween pop quizzes. Unfathomable Overview 01:08:55, Unfathomable Review 01:13:28, News with Tony T 01:40:49, Spooky Rethemes 02:28:13