The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast: Episode 245: Sleeping Gods and The Newlywed Game Founders Edition

Ho Ho Ho and Happy Holidays Cabalists! It's time for the Secret Cabal's 2021 Christmas Special! Today we start out with the weirdest Chris story you'll ever hear so get ready. And then of course we dive into some games we've been playing including Kokopelli, Ghostbusters Men In Black Ecto-Terrestrial Invasion, Sub Terra, Heads Up, Trophies, Just One Online, Unsettled, Brick and Mortar, Betrayal Legacy and Betrayal Widows Walk. Don, Jamie and Chris slide into a feature review of the amazing Sleeping Gods from Ryan Laukat. Then Tony T crushes it with the last gaming new segment for 2021 while the rest of us yammer on in the background. Then we roll right into an irreverent version of The Newlywed Game where the founders find out how well they know each other. And of course, like all Christmas special you'll get a bunch of great Cabal Christmas songs and our annual Secret Santa tradition. Sleeping Gods Overview 01:07:46, Sleeping Gods World Review 01:11:59, News with Tony T 01:42:09, The Newlywed Game Founders Edition 02:25:59