The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast: Episode 250: Golem and a Short Off-Topic Extravaganza

Today the legendary board and miniatures game reviewer, Joel Eddy of Drive Thru Games, opens the show with a guest announce and we couldn’t ask for better! Jamie and Don dive into a feature review of Golem from Cranio Creations. Tony T, wows the audience with his new man prowess in his world famous tabletop gaming news segment. And finally, the gang closes out the show with a Short Off-Topic Extravaganza in which they DO NOT talk about tabletop gaming but rather random off topic questions submitted by listeners include our favorite beer and cocktails, what we'd do with a time machine and how Tony prepares his final words of wisdom. Golem Overview 01:15:29, Golem Review 01:19:58, News with Tony T 01:28:48, Short Off-Topic Extravaganza 02:33:08