The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast: Episode 251: Dice Realms and The Top 1000 Club

Today the absolutely amazing and wonderful board game content creator, Chaz Marler of Pair of Dice Paradise and Watch It Played gives us a pro announce that couldn’t be matched! Then the gang goes from wonderful to disgusting as Chris describes his dootie basement. When the founders get tired of hearing about toilet water shooting into the basement, they get busy with some games they've been playing including Big City, Carnegie, Space Station Phoenix, Cuphead, and Blank Slate. Then Don and Jamie jump into a feature review of the new Tom Lehmann came Dice Realms. Tony T wows the audience with his amazing newsman skills and finally the game discusses the Top 1000 Club in which they talk about games that have been relegated to the ranking of 1000 on Board Game Geek. Dice Realms Overview 00:51:28, Dice Realms Review 00:56:00, News with Tony T 01:18:10, The Top 1000 Club 02:02:51