The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast: Episode 255: The Great Wall and Revisiting Replayability

In episode 255, The gang starts out with a story from back in high school and dive right into the games we've been playing including Catan Starfarers, Age of Atlantis, The Crew: Mission Deep Sea, Nidavellir, Marvel Dice Throne, Kitty Paw and Star Trek Missions. Then the Founders jump into a deep dive review of The Great Wall from Awaken Realms. Then after Tony T gives us a rundown of all the most important news items from around the tabletop gaming world, the game returns to a discussion topic from the past regarding Replaybility and how it impacts our enjoyment, our perception of value and how it affects our reviews. The Great Wall Overview 01:09:15, The Great Wall Review 01:13:42, The News with Tony T 01:46:17, Revisiting Replaybility 02:42:53