The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast: Episode 258: Witchstone and a Short Topic Extravaganza

The Founders are back with another jam-packed episode and this one has some crazy stuff going on so BEWARE! The gang starts out by talking about some awesome games including Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood, Glow, Exit: The Sinister Mansion, Lunar Rush, Cry Havoc, Agricola and My Father’s Work. Then Don, Steve and Jamie jump into a feature review of Witchstone. Tony T goes bananas with his news segment, and this is where all the insanity starts due to a controversy in the Chess world. Then finally the gang talks about beer and pretzel games, games we would have loved when we were in 7th grade, and things that turn us off about games in our Short Topic Extravaganza. Witchstone Overview 01:13:47, Witchstone Review 01:17:19, News with Tony T 01:40:01, Short Topic Extravaganza 02:33:42