The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast: Episode 264: Lacrimosa and Keeping Your Gaming Life Fresh

Oh baby, it's the first show of the year and after a little holiday break the Founders are back for some crazy Cabal antics! Today the gang gets into some of the games they've been playing including Forest of Radgost, Creature Comforts, Merchants of the Dark Road, Marvel Snap, Mindbug and features Lacrimosa designed by Gerard Ascensi and Ferran Renalias and published by Devir. After Tony T knocks your socks off with another bombastic tabletop gaming news segment the boys get into a discussion about keeping their gaming lives fresh. Lacrimosa Review 00:53:02, Founders Update 01:15:08, News with Tony T 01:18:23, Keeping Your Gaming Life Fresh 02:07:04