The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast: Episode 265: Starship Captains and A Short Topic Extravaganza

Hey Now Cabalists! It's time for your weekly dose of Cabal nonsense! Today the gang takes a look at a bunch of awesome games including The Shivers, Autobahn, Raiders of the North Sea Digital, Fall of the Mountain King, Cat in the Box and Don and Jamie feature Starship Captains designed by Peter B. Hoffgaard and published by CGE. Then Tony T gives you all the relevant news from around the gaming verse. And finally, the Founders host another Short Topic Extravaganza with topics like how factors game for a great game session, who are some of our favorite content creators and do you think it's okay to have multiple game with the same style or theme. Starship Captains Review 00:49:11, Founders Update 01:20:21, News with Tony T 01:23:32, Short Topic Extravaganza 02:30:45