The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast: Episode 268: Dead of Winter and Exploring Psychology in Board Games

Hey Now Cabalists! The gang is back to and because they're obsessed, they talk about the Pennsylvania bigfoot and Don's belief in the ancient aliens. Then they dive into the games they've been playing including Karmaka, Search for Planet X, Rolling Realms and Inscyption on Steam. Then The Founders welcome their great friend Dan King The Game Boy Geek to share some game recommendations including East India Companies and Score Card. And then the boys dive into a very special feature review, Dead of Winter from Isaac Vega and Jon Gilmour. Tony T, as always, gives the listeners a taste of what’s going on out there in the tabletop gaming news world. And finally, the gang hosts a discussion about exploiting the psychology of the other players in board gaming. Dan King Recommendations 39:59, Dead of Winter Review 00:56:52, News with Tony T 01:25:39, Exploring Psychology in Board Games 02:09:28