The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast: Health Update and What's Next?

Hey Now Cabalists! This audio is an update regarding my (Jamie) health and recovery, when the podcasts may return, the 2021 Kickstarter pledge manager, and a few stories of great things that happened during the past few months. Too Long, Didn't Listen? Here's the short version. My recovery is coming along. Still seeing doctors about some issues I’m having but we’re optimistic that we can get the issues cleared up soon. We’ll know in May if the treatment was completely successful, and the cancer is gone, or we need to do more work. We have a Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast recording sessions scheduled for this weekend and hope to begin releases the show again at the beginning of April. I’m easing back in and hope that I can make it work. Crossing fingers. Lords, Battletome and Express to come in the coming months. The 2021 Kickstarter Pledge Manager will be opening this week. Please keep an eye on your email for the link so you can close your pledge, select add-ons, make donations and Late Pledge. It’s Bill Shatner’s 91st birthday today and he had a small part in my cancer recovery (it was mostly my wife Melanie though).