The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast: Tales from Beyond the Grave Vol 3: Herbert West Reanimator

The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast presents Tales from Beyond the Grave: Herbert West - Reanimator an audio drama based on the story written by H.P. Lovecraft and adapted for audio by Jamie Keagy, The part of Herbert West is played by Patrick Kelly of Blue Peg Pink Peg along with voice talent contributed by Robb and Christina Rouse, Marty Connell and Tony McRee of Rolling Dice and Taking Names, Kris Jesko, Brian Bender, Aaron Croasmun and Jess Brown of Lords of the Dungeon, Rodney Smith of Watch It Played, Matt Evans of Board Game Replay, Chaz Marler of Pair of Dice Paradise, Joel Eddy of Drive Thru Review and Steve Span and Jamie Keagy of The Secret Cabal.