Solosaurus: Episode #43 - Marvel Champions

There's an obnoxious tapping noise that starts around the 6:00 mark. Our mic stand was tapping against the laptop, and we didn't notice it for several minutes. If it's too annoying for you, it stops at 13:20. If you skip to that point, all you'll miss is the news and our coverage of the game's components. Spoiler: They're mostly fine. The cards are standard quality, as are the tokens and dials. The only thing that's not great is the insert, which I whine about at length and recap again at the end of the episode. The meat of the review is after that 13:20 mark. 
Sorry about that, folks! We'l watch out for this problem in the future. 


Welcome to Solosaurus, a podcast about one player board and card games. In this episode, Carter and Brandon discuss the latest solo news (aggregated by the wonderful Frederik Shulz at before one of the most anticipated games of the year, set in the best comic universe: Marvel Champions!

Wondering what this one plays like solo? Check out our review!
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