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Join Mike and Dan as they lead listeners down a path sometimes terrifying, often confusing, and Sporadically Board Game related.

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In this episode Dan and Mike talk about schools, hypochondria, and a little bit about Zombicide Green Hoard, Marvel Champions, and some other game that Mike was wittering on about.

They are then joined by the steel girder of board gaming, Jason Peacock - Dice Tower contributor, to discuss tyranny of choice in board gaming.


Exciting changes are afoot for Mr DiLisio.  Meanwhile it's same old same old for Dan. 

No guest this episode, but we'll be back to normal next time


In this episode Mike and Dan talk about beans, shelves, and going to the toilet in the sea.

They are then joined by the magnificent Sean and Ronan Rice from The Game Pit Podcast to talk about preparing shopping lists for big conventions.


In this episode Mike and Dan talk about the amazing Sporadically Board community and their wonderful support for Dan's dancing humiliation.  They also talk about new jobs, yorkshire puddings, and the Games Workshop game Warcry


In this episode Mike and Dan are earning their "Content Creator" license by doing their Top 20 Board Games of all time!!  And Matthew Jude, who already has his license, hurls abuse from the sidelines

But, possibly more importantly Dan is launching his charity appeal for his humiliating dance-a-thon!  For more details on it or to donate then go here:



We discovered half way through this episode that it's Sporadically Board's 1st anniversary!  Which makes it even more tragic that it's such a shambles.


In this episode Mike and Dan talk about.... 

Well to be honest I've forgotten exactly what we talk about in the first bit as I edited that part yesterday and it was of such little consiquence that it's already gone out of my head.  Safe to say it probably wasn't board games.


In this episode Mike and Dan talk about Pizza, living with teenagers, and 

They are then joined by the gaming legend that is Peter Gifford, AKA Universal Head, to talk about graphic design, rules summaries, and making "pew pew" noises when you play games.

You can find more from Peter on his excellent website The Esoteric Order of Gamers 


Like a bad penny Matthew Jude turns up once again, this time to talk to Mike about Gen Con, while Dan just sits and feels jealous about not going.

They also talk about botox, doggos, asking people on dates, and funko pops.

Don't forget to listen to Matthew's fantastic podcast Death by Monsters