Sporadically Board: Ep 38: Top 20 - with Matthew Jude


In this episode Mike and Dan are earning their "Content Creator" license by doing their Top 20 Board Games of all time!!  And Matthew Jude, who already has his license, hurls abuse from the sidelines

But, possibly more importantly Dan is launching his charity appeal for his humiliating dance-a-thon!  For more details on it or to donate then go here:


If you would rather donate via paypal to Dan (who will then pass the funds on) you can send money to paypal username: dghughes28@yahoo.co.uk

Also, remember to listen to Matthew's fantastic podcast Death by Monsters and recommend it to all your friends!  

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Massive thanks to the ever fantastic Gary King for the graphics for the show
Also huge thanks to  Singing Sadie for the show's music