Tabletop Game Talk: TGT 006: Game Classifications

This week we talk about game classifications, that is, what's a euro game, american game, mass market vs designer, etc.  We also talk about game types and mechanics as well as luck vs skill games. This week's podcast picture is a picture of my "game nook."  It was taken when it was clean and about 20 games ago - it's a _bit_ messier now. Finally we have introduced two segments to our Off Topic section, "Games I've bought or kickstarted since last episode" where I talk about just that and "Game of Today" where we talk about the game we just got done playing before the podcast started. Finally, Kitty mentioned "The Landlord's Game" from the 99% Invisible podcast, here's the link, give it a listen, it's good!

Tabletop Game Talk is a weekly podcast that not only talks about games but also covers the topics of the board game hobby in general.  Chris, Kitty, and Josh each bring a different view point to the conversation in a fun and easy to listen to format.  The top of every episode includes feedback fr

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