Tabletop Game Talk: TGT 045: Demoing Games

This week we talk about game demos and what we can learn from them.  But first... Off Topic Chris is back into the Kickstarter swing with Triplock, Gruff: Rage of Trolls, Bio-Logic, Rise of Tribes, and The Component Collector. We then get some feedback from Sydnie, Christy, and Sam to talk about. On Topic We start off thinking about game demos and if they are useful for learning games at home.  This quickly turns into a discussion about games that kind of do this already by having "first game" versions of the rules.  We end talking about some of the games we demoed at Origins last week.  

Tabletop Game Talk is a weekly podcast that not only talks about games but also covers the topics of the board game hobby in general.  Chris, Kitty, and Josh each bring a different view point to the conversation in a fun and easy to listen to format.  The top of every episode includes feedback fr

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