Tabletop Game Talk: TGT 046: Yard and Picnic Games

This week we take the 4th of July into consideration and talk about yard and picnic games.  But first... Off Topic Chris is off to DiceTowerCon with Sydnie this week.  If you're in Orlando, give him a tweet @GameMasterChris. We're starting our newest giveaway, but the prize is TBD based on what Chris finds in Orlando.  In the mean time you can email your entry to with the subject "July Giveaway" to enter. No new Kickstarters for Chris, but we do have feedback form Aaron and Steve on previous episodes. On Topic We spend a fare amount of time talk about traditional yard games and a lot of time reminiscing about these games.  Eventually we do get around to a few tabletop games that would transition fairly well to the outdoors though.

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