Tabletop Game Talk: TGT 179 On Topic: Feedback Catchup Pt 1

This week is all about you, well your feedback.  Ok well, for the vast majority of you, it’s about other people’s feedback, but you’re still a part of it all, so that’s completely ok.  Alright, alright, this is probably mostly about rulebooks again.  And only part 1?  huh!@!?. If you want to read the credits, … Continue reading TGT 179 On Topic: Feedback Catchup Pt 1

Tabletop Game Talk is a weekly podcast that not only talks about games but also covers the topics of the board game hobby in general.  Chris, Kitty, and Josh each bring a different view point to the conversation in a fun and easy to listen to format.  The top of every episode includes feedback fr

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