Tabletop Game Talk: TGT Replay 019: Metagaming

This is the second of our summer replay episodes.  In this episode we go meta.  First meta about the podcast, and then we talk about meta gaming (and cheating).  And then, after the original episode finishes, you get 15 more minutes of present day us (including Josh again) looking back at this episode. If you don't want to re-listen to this episode and skip right to the new stuff, then listen to the first minute and then skip to 1:01:50. (Where's all the other stuff that goes here?  Well, our live shows will resume in a few weeks (we'll give you plenty of warning) and we'll also start taking listener read credits at that time as well.) Follow us on twitter or Facebook Chris's facebook (let him know you're a listener in the friend request): Join the conversation on Board Game Geek Support us via Patreon