12 Games of Christmas of 2015 - Strategy Games

Tom Vasel, Zee Garcia, and Sam Healey each give 4 recommendations for solid strategy games for the coming Christmas season.

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Mission: Red Planet - http://www.coolstuffinc.com/p/214352
Shakespeare - http://www.coolstuffinc.com/p/221025
7 Wonders: Duel - http://www.coolstuffinc.com/p/217594
Champions of Midgard - http://www.coolstuffinc.com/p/218408
Gold West - http://www.coolstuffinc.com/p/215336
Discoveries: The Journals of Lewis & Clark - http://www.coolstuffinc.com/p/215931
Roll for the Galaxy - http://www.coolstuffinc.com/p/188341
Elysium - http://www.coolstuffinc.com/p/211783
Favor of the Pharaoh - http://www.coolstuffinc.com/p/212818
Kingsburg - http://www.coolstuffinc.com/p/135445
Five Tribes - http://www.coolstuffinc.com/p/204565
North Wind - http://www.coolstuffinc.com/p/203611

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