18xx with Ambie: 1849: The Game of Sicilian Railways

18xx with Ambie: 1849: The Game of Sicilian Railways

Ambie gives an overview of the game 1849: The Game of Sicilian Railways in this video in her 18xx series.

18xx with Ambie (playlist): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOlRvTbmD6tJCzjOr2XGEwFMll79J58zv

Start: 0:00
Intro: 0:16
General Overview: 0:36
Map & Track: 0:56
Money: 1:30
Stock Market: 1:58
Trains: 2:32
Shares: 3:40
Conclusion: 4:28
Outro: 4:50

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