911 Operator Preview with Mark Streed

911 Operator

This is a Dice Tower Paid Preview.

Mark takes a look at "911 Operator".

Compete against other 911 operators to increase your reputation to be the next in line for promotion! The competition will be hard but beware! Don’t let your ambitions get in the way and let the city fall into chaos. In this game, players use their units to solve incidents to keep Public Tension in check. The goal is to solve the highest scenario incident (the one in the “III” deck) while keeping the Public Tension from reaching the end. To reach that goal, players recruit units and send them to incident locations to solve them according to their unit’s power. Each player must keep the Public Tension in check. If things get out of hand and the Public Tension reaches the end, the game ends and all players lose the game. So players should plan, communicate and work together to solve the incidents while racing to collect more reputation to win the game.

0:30 Overview
1:23 The city
3:57 Game play
6:36 Action phase
9:06 In summary

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