Board Game Breakfast – Dice Tower West 2019

Board Game Breakfast – Dice Tower West 2019

Tom Vasel takes a look at the news of the week, joined by a host of board game experts. Episode # 271

0:22 Welcome
1:11 What You Missed on the Internet This Week
3:37 Printed Pieces
6:02 Gaming @ College
7:28 Solo Mode Games
9:38 Tabletop Twitter Talk
12:05 Dice Tower Productions
13:01 The Chop Shop
15:02 Meeple University
17:03 No Enemies Here
19:44 Board Game Evangelism
21:40 Dice Tower Library Additions
22:20 Beyond Solitaire
23:47 Mental Health Minute
25:32 Tom Thinks
30:21 The Theme Is…
32:10 Roll Playing
35:05 Dan and Cora
39:09 Final Thoughts

This weeks Internet Links:

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My wife threw me a board game convention for my birthday.

Playing a 100-year-old Pit set tonight

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13th Annual Golden Geek Awards

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