Board Game Breakfast - Aging Like Fine Wine

Board Game Breakfast - Aging Like Fine Wine

Tom Vasel reviews Apple Air Tags. Tom shines a spotlight on items from the BGG Store. Plus, a plethora of segments from our great contributors! Episode #395.

Intro/Contest: 00:00
Meeple University: 02:32
Clara M Barker: 04:19
Board Game Geek : 06:24
Dice Tower West Announcement with Timm: 08:48
Ryan and Bethany: 10:33
Dice Tower Productions: 12:34
Flipping Pages Pushing Cubes with Jenn: 14:40
Tom Thinks: 16:55
2 Play or Not 2 Play: 23:08
Purge Reviews: 25:08
Tom Reviews Other Things: 27:25
I Teach She Wins: 30:27
Grant's Game Recs: 32:24
Closing Ceremonies: 33:52
Outro: 34:30

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