Board Game Breakfast - Anticipation

Board Game Breakfast - Anticipation

Tom Vasel takes a look at things he found on the internet. Oh Snap! Tom talks about…wait for it…Anticipation. Plus, many segments by a host of board game experts. Episode # 278

0:22 Welcome
1:03 What I Found on the Internet This Week
3:29 Printed Pieces
5:18 Just Missed It
9:06 The Chop Shop
11:52 Dice Tower Productions
13:33 Speed Quiz
16:03 Applied Mechanics
18:34 Solo Mode Games
21:10 Dice Tower Library Additions
22:07 The Cut
24:06 Mental Health Minute
25:50 Retro Board Game Corner
28:31 Mega Meeple
30:34 Tom Thinks
33:36 The Theme Is…
35:32 Fellowship of Meeples
37:44 Dead Last
39:21 Final Thoughts

This week’s Internet Links:

Tabletop tech? “We’re only scratching the surface”

What are your most shameful acts of boardgame completionism?

I don't know how Pandemic Legacy ends and I never will.

Indie Game Studios/Stronghold Games Sues Plan B Games over Great Western Trail

Sporadically Board Ep 23: Celebrity - with Eric Summerer

The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money on Board Games

The Dragon’s Tomb How To Play - Citadels

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