Board Game Breakfast - Besties!!!

Board Game Breakfast - Besties!!!

Tom Vasel takes a look at things he found on the internet. Up is down, down is up…Tom and Buonocore getting along?!?!? MADNESS!!! Plus, many great segments from a plethora of board game experts. Episode # 297

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0:23 Welcome
1:33 Meeple University
3:28 Glory Houndd Kickstarter News
5:52 No Enemies Here
9:02 Things I Found on the Internet This Week
11:07 We Game Together
13:58 Solo Mode Games
16:06 Dice Tower Productions
17:05 Picture Quiz
18:59 Dice Tower Library Additions
19:42 Almost a Board Gamer
21:36 Tom Thinks
25:00 Mega Meeple
27:00 Mental Health Minute
29:01 Closing Thoughts

This Weeks Internet Links:

How to Play Game of Life - Brothers Murph

To Live and Dice in LA - Things get Dicey (Paula Deming)


Your Move: What Board Games Teach Us About Life - Joan Moriarty and Jonathan Kay

Board Game Squad Top Games

Mouse Trap with a macro Camera

Tetris Shaped Board Game Shelf

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