Board Game Breakfast - Big Business

Board Game Breakfast - Big Business

Tom Vasel takes a look at things he found on the internet. Tom budgets some time to talk about Board Game Businesses. Plus, many segments by a host of board gaming experts. Episode # 280

Subject: Balk2

0:22 Welcome
1:54 What You Missed on the Internet This Week
5:02 Printed Pieces
7:16 Rhino Says Yes
10:33 Dice Tower Productions
11:33 We Game Together
15:51 The Cut
16:53 Dice Tower Library Additions
18:47 Second Chance Shelf
20:46 Almost A Gamer
22:56 Tom Thinks
26:38 Beyond Solitaire
28:38 Board Game Evangelism
30:41 Final Thoughts

This week’s Internet Links:

Watch it Played - Modular Board for Scythe

How to make pictures for a game

Compass has article on Board Games in College

PAX unplugged Dec 6-8

Ludopathic Gathering

Stonemaier – Retailer and Distributor Communication

2019 Pandemic Survival

MIT Technology Review - MTG is Most Complex Game

Gen Con Popup Conventions

Better BGG Collection

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