Board Game Breakfast - Chasing Rares

Board Game Breakfast - Chasing Rares

Tom Vasel takes a look at things he found on the internet. Tom talks about the quest for everything. Plus, many great segments from a plethora of board game experts. Episode # 295

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0:23 Welcome
2:04 Things I Found on the Internet
5:20 We Game Together
8:07 Printed Pieces
10:02 Dice Tower Productions
10:59 Speed Quiz
13:13 By the Numbers
15:09 Dice Tower Library Additions
18:58 Meeple University
20:58 Tom Thinks
23:43 Mystery Component
25:34 Closing Thoughts

This Weeks Internet Links:

The Artists of Wingspan

Time Player Turn with this App

What Sleeves do you Need? Check out this Site

Rick Loomis

Why Diversity Matters in Game Design

Joan of Arc Dragon

Dazzling and Didactic Board Games from the 19th Century

Game Takes 105 Hours to Setup

Meeple People Comedy

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