Board Game Breakfast - Closing the Floodgates

Board Game Breakfast - Closing the Floodgates

Tom Vasel takes a look at things he found on the internet. Tom gushes about too much too quickly. Plus, many segments by a host of board gaming experts. Episode # 279

Subject: Balk1

0:23 Welcome
2:10 What You Missed on the Internet
4:20 Accessorize
7:40 Printed Pieces
9:51 The Chop Shop
12:19 Speed Quiz
14:53 Dice Tower Productions
16:05 The Purge
18:50 Applied Mechanics
21:12 From the Page to the Table
23:03 New Additions to the Dice Tower Library
23:40 Retro Board Game Corner
26:06 Mega Meeple
27:58 By the Numbers
29:40 Tom Thinks
34:03 The Theme Is…
35:43 Potable Gaming
37:43 Mental Health Minute
39:45 Closing Thoughts

This week’s Internet Links:

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Crowdfunding Crowd Funding Sites using Crowdfunding – Satire

AEG to Publish Fewer New Games

No Pun Included Starting a New Podcast

PAX Unplugged - December 6-8

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