Board Game Breakfast: Episode 12 - The Vasel Legacy

Board Game Breakfast: Episode 12 - The Vasel Legacy

Tom Vasel takes a look at board game news for the week, and talks about passing the board game legacy down to his son. A host of other friends also join us!

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Chapter List

0:00 - Opening Credits
0:23 - Welcome / Light News

Industry News
1:06 - Board Game News

Kickstarter Update (Guest Segment)
4:03 - Kickstarter News

Upcoming Games
6:10 - New and coming soon

Board Game Apps (Guest Segment)
7:13 - Forbidden Island

One Hit Wonders
9:07 - Conquest of the Planet Earth

Snakes and Lattes Presents (Guest Segment)
11:11 - Favourites: Fury of Dracula

Cranial Crunch (Guest Segment)
13:09 - Gravwell

Dice Tower Video
15:02 - Upcoming videos and podcasts

Ivory Dice Tower (Guest Segment)
16:28 - Book Review: Reality Is Broken

Tom Thinks.
19:12 - Who Will Inherit The Dice Tower Legacy?

Making Games Better (Guest Segment)
22:25 - Cubes

24:22 - Will We See A Board Game Chain Store?

Remember That Game? (Guest Segment)
26:34 - Mindtrap

Desktop Tabletop (Guest Segment)
28:24 - Games Workshop is Dead, Long Live Games Workshop

30:27 - Goodbye! Thanks for watching!
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