Board Game Breakfast: Episode 13 - Moving, part 1

Board Game Breakfast: Episode 13 - Moving, part 1

Tom Vasel takes a look at board game news for the week, and talks about moving the game collection. A host of other friends also join us!

From MrTimisfat
Chapter List

0:00 - Opening Credits
0:22 - Welcome/ Say Hi to Jimmy!

1:23 - Boardgame News

Kickstarter Update (Guest Segment)
5:49 - Kickstarter News

Upcoming Games
7:57 - New and Coming Soon

Remember That Game? (Guest Segment)
9:22 - Cloud 9

Dice Tower Video
11:21 - Upcoming Reviews and Podcasts

Ivory Dice Tower (Guest Segment)
12:30 - Adding Game-Based Layers to the Real World

Teaching Games
15:00 - Intro to the New Segment

Rolling Dice and Taking Names: PSA (Guest Segment)
17:28 - Analysis Paralysis

Tom Thinks.
19:36 - Moving Boardgames pt.1: The Pre-move

Baaaaarry's Something That's "Not Quite Right" (Guest Segment)
22:32 - King of Tokyo

Snakes and Lattes Presents: (Guest Segment)
24:34 - Two Player Games

26:32 - Goodbye!
26:57 - Check out and
27:07 - Thanks to our Sponsor Cool Stuff Inc.

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