Board Game Breakfast - Jack of all Trades

Board Game Breakfast - Jack of all Trades

Tom Vasel takes a look at things he found on the internet. Tom talks about being great at one thing vs. being okay at several things. Plus, many great segments from a plethora of board game experts. Episode # 299

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0:22 Welcome
2:33 What I Found on the Internet This Week
7:20 We Game Together
10:02 Meeple University
11:51 Dice Tower Productions
13:10 Picture Quiz
15:10 ESSENtials
18:13 Dice Tower Library Additions
19:14 Smashing Buttons and Slammin’ Cards
21:08 Quick Draw
22:38 Ryan and Bethany
24:32 Tom Thinks
29:37 Mental Health Minute
31:36 Dead Last
33:13 Final Thoughts

This Weeks Internet Links:

Dynamic wargame buildings - A set of 28mm wargame buildings all featuring movement, battery powered programmable wargame buildings.

The Board Game “Bubble”

Wingspan Custom Cards

Board Game Mechanisms change

Good Game Grill – Road Island

Queen and Rook – Philly

The Board Game Guru - Steve Tassie

Grandmaster Diet

Cape Fear Games, Wilmington, Darryl Rubin

Kickstarter Firings

Truck dumps 216000 dice

Adam Savage - Tested - Weta Workshop Sculptor's Tabletop Miniature World!

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