Board Game Breakfast - Jokes & Jerks

Board Game Breakfast - Jokes & Jerks

Tom Vasel takes a look at things he found on the internet. Jokes & Jerks, which one is Tom? Just joking, I was being a bit of a jerk. Find out Tom’s thoughts on the subject and get some insights from his life lessons. Episode # 289


0:23 Welcome
2:42 What You Missed on the Internet This Week
5:01 We Game Together
7:06 Printed Pieces
9:17 Dice Tower Productions
10:58 Speed Quiz
13:05 Accessorize
16:47 Rhino Says Yes
19:27 Dice Tower Library Additions
20:31 Meeple University
22:30 Second Chance Shelf
24:06 Tom Thinks
31:08 Potable Gaming
33:08 Mega Meeple
35:07 Final Thoughts

This Weeks Internet Links:

Meeple PHD

PC Gamers Best Board games

Lego Hero Quest

Comic Review of Paras

Game Night Spiel des Jahres / Kenner Spiel des Jahres

Frank West, designer of Isle of Cats AMA

Erik Twice How to Play Board Games Faster

How did War Become a Game

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