Board Game Breakfast - Reacquisitions, Inc.

Board Game Breakfast - Reacquisitions, Inc.

Tom talks about a game from 20 years ago. Tom reviews Elden Ring. Plus, a plethora of segments from our great contributors! Episode #422.

0:00 Intro
1:32 Opening/Contest
5:27 Meeple University
7:27 Game from 20 Years ago
12:45 Ryan & Bethany
14:48 From the Page to the Table
16:54 Dice Tower Productions
19:22 Ambie's Untitled Segment
21:09 Chris Thinks (of new puns)
25:38 Doug & Doug gaming
27:37 Lulapalooza
30:18 Tom reviews other stuff
41:05 Tabletop Toolbox
43:23 Closing statements
44:14 Outro

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