Board Game Breakfast - Shorter Games

Board Game Breakfast - Shorter Games

Tom Vasel takes a look at topics he found on the internet, debates the long and short of things, and is joined by board game experts in a plethora of segments. Episode # 277

0:22 Welcome
1:03 Things I Found on the Internet…
3:09 Printed Pieces
4:53 Applied Mechanics
7:16 Retro Board Game Corner
9:37 Dice Tower Productions
10:46 If You Like That, You Might Like This
14:36 Board Game Evangelism
16:34 Dice Tower Library Additions
17:46 The Purge
20:33 Speed Quiz
22:43 Second Chance Shelf
24:31 Tom Thinks
27:46 Mental Health Minute
29:40 Potable Gaming
31:40 Dead Last
33:10 Final Thoughts

This week’s Internet Links:
Bencon 2019

Dad Turns Board Games into Bed Sheets

Trekking The National Parks Promo Error

Paula Deming: Shelf Shrinkers

Games Factory: Project and Company Status

Quinns' Top 136 Board Games

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