Board Game Breakfast - Slave to Theme

Board Game Breakfast - Slave to Theme

Tom Vasel takes a look at things he found on the internet. Are you a slave to theme? Plus, many great segments from a plethora of board game experts! Episode # 305

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0:22 Welcome
2:07 What I Found on the Internet This Week
4:20 From The Page To The Table
6:23 Ryan and Bethany Board Game Reviews
8:14 Board Game Bakes
10:14 Dice Tower Productions
11:44 We Game Together
14:08 The theme is…
15:54 Mystery Component Monday
18:14 SpeedQuiz
20:08 Tom Thinks
24:17 Quick Draw!
25:27 Dead Last
27:23 Closing Thoughts

This Weeks Internet Links:
Paula Denning - Kickstarter Part of Your World -

25 Best Board Games of the 2010s.

The blacklist show on nbc, episode the aired on Friday October 25th , showed Ticket to Ride being played and verbally mentioned mtg

Uncanny Annie -

EXIT Advent Calendar from Ravensburger -

WBUR radio show about Wingspan -

Cheat Sheets for games -

Start Player Blog -

Reddit Guy builds his own Table Topper -

How to win friends and manipulate people -

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