Board Game Business Podcast - San Jose Protospiel Panel

Board Game Business Podcast - San Jose Protospiel Panel

The San Jose Protospiel had over 75 designers and 450 players in its second year, making it the largest protospiel to date. Grant Rodiek from Hyperbole Games hosted a panel there on board game design, development, and publishing. The panel members are:

Jeremy Commandeur - Designer, Organizer of Protospiel San Jose
Teale Fristoe - Designer, Publisher at Nothing Sacred Games
Peter Vaughan - Designer, Publisher, and Development Director for Breaking Games
Aldo Ghiozzi - Game Consolidator with Impressions
Brian Henk - Designer, Publisher at Overworld Games
Grant Rodiek - Designer, Publisher with Hyperbole Games
Thanks to Jordan Nichols from Your Game Night ( for recording the audio in the very loud convention hall.

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