The BREACH - DT Preview with Mark Streed

The BREACH - DT Preview with Mark Streed

This is a Dice Tower Paid Preview.

Mark takes a look at "The BREACH".

The game turn is structured in three phases: Firewall (I.C.E. run their subroutines against players), Actions (Avatars choose and execute their actions) and Net (Avatars configure their skills and steal information using viruses). You will be able to upgrade your Avatar, assign Viruses, fight the Guards and other Avatars, explore the rooms of Gene.sys, but also install programs and use Cheat codes to manipulate the database according to your needs.

0:30 Overview
1:56 Terminal & Database
3:57 Info-nodes & Firewall
5:06 Actions
9:26 Net & Firewall
11:19 In summary



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