Crowdsurfing - April 27, 2022

Crowdsurfing - April 27, 2022

It's time to take a look at some Kickstarter and GameFound projects!

We're giving away two copies of All Time Wrestling. This giveaway is available to anyone Worldwide. To enter the giveaway, sponsored by Cation Arts, please send an email to In the subject type WRESTLING. In the body, include your name and answer the following question. "How many cards are included in the "All or Nothing" pledge level?" Entries will be accepted until 5/3/22 at 12:00 AM ET
Official contest rules:

Sponsored spotlight videos: Waste Knights Beyond the Horizon (Galakta):

Intro/Contest: 00:00
Barnyard: 04:00
Paradox Initiative: 07:16
8 Ball Pool: 10:10
Mad King's Lair: 13:45
Chronopia: 16:49
Tricky! Fantasy Feud: 18:35
Scraperland: 20:47
Arcana: 22:43
Space Lion: 25:53
Escape from Stalingrad: 27:34
Robotech Macross Dog Fight: 30:14
Fuliyama with Ajisai: 32:49
Maglev Metro: Mechs, Monora: 34:14
Uprising Titans of the First Age: 37:29
Don’t let it Die: 41:26
Dice Advent Calendars: 43:06
Gamestormers: 46:58
Envelopes of Cash: The College Football Recruiting: 49:10
The Dark Quarter: 52:10
Critter Cards: 56:04
Birds of a Feather: 58:21
The Great Wall: 1:00:01
Castles by the Sea: 1:03:27
Marbolous: 1:07:09
Plufl: The Dog Bed for Humans: 1:09:20
Unfiltered: 1:11:20
Doggole: 1:12:55
The Hairball: 1:14:20
Camilla's Pick of the Week: 1:18:04
Zee's Pick of the Week: 1:17:01
Mike's Pick of the Week: 1:17:00
Tom's Pick of the Week: 1:19:20
Outro: 1:21:05

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