Crowdsurfing - February 17, 2021

Crowdsurfing - February 17, 2021

It's time to take a look at some Kickstarter projects!

Intro: 00:00
CoraQuest: 02:56
The Origins: 06:22
Zodiac War: 10:38
Majik Dice: 12:20
The Pratzen: Austerlitz 1805: 13:57
Dark Tides: 15:20
Metal Heart Unicorn Dice: 18:08
Handcrafted Ancient. Myth TRPG Dice: 19:52
Board Game Gumbo: 21:40
Mark Streed - Preview Roundup: 24:13
FOMO - Robert Geistlinger: 26:08
Pizza for Zee/Hats for Mike: 28:05
Kingsfall: Guilds of Cendrenil: 28:44
Posthuman Saga &. The Journey Home: 30:32
DEFCON 1: 32:54
MOB - Big Apple: 35:48
Human Punishment: The Beginning: 38:08
Sea Glass Dice - Frosted Dice: 40:50
Cryptid Café: 42:56
Core Worlds: Empires + Nemesis: 45:21
Maquis: 2nd Edition: 49:20
The Soloscope II Watch: 51:38
MPMagic Sport-Up Sport Socks: 54:39
Mike's Pick of the Week: 55:40
Zee's Pick of the Week: 56:30
Tom's Pick of the Week: 57:08
People's Pick of the Week: 57:40
Outro: 58:57

To enter the Vault Wars contest, sponsored by Floodgate, please send an email to In the subject type Vault. In the body, include your name, address and answer the following question. "We're giving away something special each day of the campaign. Each day we'll pick two backers to get this reward added to their pledge. What is it?" Entries will be accepted until February 23 at 12:00 am.
Official contest rules:
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