Dice Tower 450 - GAMA Trade Show 2016

Dice Tower 450 - GAMA Trade Show 2016

In this show, we delve live into the GAMA trade show, talking from there with Chaz Marler, Suzanne Sheldon, Jason Levine and more! We are also joined by our regular contributors to make a real hodge podge of an episode, talking about both new and old games. Finally, we end the show talking about going back in time to stop a game from being made!

1:14 – Intro
2:48 – Cult of the Old with Brian Counter: Hare & Tortoise
5:43 – GAMA Trade Show Day One with Eric and Chaz
16:19 – Mark Zielinski: Waterloo
20:48 – GAMA Updates with Tom & Eric
22:17 – The Psychology of Board Gaming with Dr Alonso: Losing
26:57 – GAMA Trade Show Day Two with Eric and Suzanne
33:19 – Biography of a Board Game with Prof Scott Rogers: HeroQuest
37:17 – Questions from the GAMA Live Feed and Games We've Played
1:05:24 – GameTek: Rock, Paper, Scissors for $20 Million
1:09:01 – The Sweet Spot: Axis & Allies Alternatives
1:11:36 – Dice Tower Question of the Week: Which Game Would You Prevent if you Had a Time Machine?
1:20:32 – Outro

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