Dice Tower 494 - The Big impact

Dice Tower 494 - The Big impact

In this show, we talk about Tiny Epic Galaxies: Into the Black, Lotus, Me Want Cookies, Assault of Giants, RoboRally, and Villages of Valeria. We also hear a couple of tales, answer questions, have a pile of cool segments, and talk about the games that have had the biggest impact on us! Links to the new shows: Board Game Blitz - http://www.boardgameblitz.com/ The Family Gamers - http://www.thefamilygamers.com/ Our Turn Podcast - http://ourturnpodcast.com/.

2:30 - Intro
6:12 - Tiny Epic Galaxies: Into the Black
9:48 - Assault of the Giants
13:09 - Lotus
15:27 - RoboRally
21:51 - Me Want Cookies
24:27 - Villages of Valeria
24:28 - Biography of a Board Game: Jenga
33:48 - Another Tale of Board Gaming Horror
38:47 - Cult of the Old: Wallenstein
42:08 - Q&A
54:37 - Bringing Up the Meeples
58:43 - Tales of Amazement
1:00:54 - Board Game Biopsy: Oracle of Delphi
1:04:53 -Dice Tower Question of the Week:
What Game had the Biggest Impact on You
1:12:55- Outro

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