Dice Tower 521 - Tomes, Tiles, and Tariffs

Dice Tower 521 - Tomes, Tiles, and Tariffs

In this show, we talk about Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Card Game, Caverna: Cave vs. Cave, Four Seasons, Mini Park, Custom Heroes, and Word Domination. We also discuss a few games on Kickstarter, a couple game apps, and talk about how price affects our decisions for buying board games.

0:40 - Intros & Two Truths and a Lie
5:19 - Scott Pilgrim Precious Little Card Game
11:00 - Caverna: Cave vs. Cave
17:34 - Four Seasons
22:53 -Mini Park
28:50 - Custom Heroes
34:24 -Word Domination
40:57 - Take My Money!
48:17 - Tap that App
56:45 - Victory Points
1:13:05 - Outro

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