Dice Tower Reviews: Look Back - September 21, 2016

Dice Tower Reviews: Look Back - September 21, 2016

In this video, Tom goes back in time to the reviews he did this week one year and five years ago. Do the games hold up? Are they still in my collection, still being played, even being thought of? Here's a quick summary.

Krosmaster quest https://youtu.be/a9J6BcquiuY
WitKacy https://youtu.be/aLSOwFOza98
Star wars Death star Boom boom balloon https://youtu.be/Vq7UZqGKqI8
Flick 'em up! Stallion canyon https://youtu.be/ZaNdheSQUuw
iKNOW https://youtu.be/K85Tsmi7yn8
7 wonders duel https://youtu.be/FSErTijLyUo
Terra https://youtu.be/WOzadJVSvzI
Ships https://youtu.be/Ge0Zvet_KRY
Portal: the uncooperative cake acquisition game https://youtu.be/vSDssAtbsGQ
No thanks 2015 edition https://youtu.be/hZfQEL9theo
Stipulations https://youtu.be/swQ3Ezd_fSQ
Lancaster https://youtu.be/PJGONkYP188
Wild horses (aka Fast lane) https://youtu.be/ftxXlkY52tE
Ikusa https://youtu.be/IEdzoBWJpbo
JAB: realtime boxing https://youtu.be/KoGQcGYFWKI
Love it! Hate it! https://youtu.be/LOUxdDR2dWk
Cambria https://youtu.be/1KY73xe0xSc
Space maze https://youtu.be/dyksb9-r0rY
The kingdoms of crusaders https://youtu.be/mlUtU-YNDVs

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