Patriot - How to Play Board Game. With Stella & Tarrant

Patriot - How to Play Board Game. With Stella & Tarrant

Stella Jahja & Tarrant Falcke give you the full and concise rules for Patriot board game in The Dice Tower How to Play video series.

00:00 Start
00:37 Game appraisal
01:21 3-6 Players: Semi cooperative
01:24 Board setup
03:06 Player setup
04:02 Allegiances
06:00 Overview
07:08 Actions
07:34 Treasury actions
09:11 Surveillance actions
13:04 Laboratory actions
14:36 War and riot actions
18:06 Letter demands
18:38 Briefs
20:34 End of round
22:07 Game end
22:56 Solo & 2 player cooperative
24:06 Rule differences

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