Skymines vs Mombasa Comparison Review

Skymines vs Mombasa Comparion Review

Chris Yi takes a look at the differences between Mombasa and the new reimplementation of it, Skymines. For a full review of Skymines, check out our video:

00:00 Intro
01:13 Box & Rulebook Comparison
01:57 Board Comparison
02:37 Bonus Spaces
03:27 Inclusion of Previous Promos
04:10 Books vs Research Tokens
05:48 Share Tracks Comparison
07:53 Cards Comparison
08:53 Player Board Comparison
10:23 New Stuff: Storage Solution
11:30 New Module: Asteroid Board
13:28 New Module: Threat Cards
15:13 New Module: Objective Cards
16:12 New Module: Luna Solo Mode
18:42 Final Thoughts
29:17 Outro

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