Spring Spectacular Live Plays Kroma and More

Spring Spectacular Live Plays Kroma and More & Top 6 Spring Games

The gang plays through Kroma, Cosmic Encounter, and Dixit. Then, Anthony from Board Game Dads takes us through his Top 6 Spring Games.

00:00 Kroma 3 player
24:07 Kroma 2 player
51:43 Cosmic Encounter
2:20:48 Dixit

Kroma is coming to Kickstarter this summer! https://breakinggames.com/pages/kroma

We're giving away two copies of Kroma. This contest is available to anyone worldwide. To enter the Kroma contest, sponsored by Breaking Games, please send an email to contest@dicetower.com. In the subject type KROMA. In the body, include your name and answer the question asked in the video. Entries will be accepted until 3/28 at 12:00 am.
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COMING UP TOMORROW MORNING: https://youtu.be/VjrcNvDvrqs Dice Tower Award Nominations and Mike's Top 40-31 Solo Games of All Time!

Cosmic Encounter - https://www.gamenerdz.com/cosmic-encounter-42nd-anniversary-edition
Dixit - https://www.gamenerdz.com/dixit-on-sale-add-to-cart-to-see-price

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