TBH - DT Preview with Mark Streed

TBH - DT Preview with Mark Streed

This is a Dice Tower Paid Preview.

Mark takes a look at "TBH: The Game of Honest Answers to Outrageous Questions".

TBH is a game about creating absurd dilemmas, and then predicting how the other players will react to them. Points are awarded for guessing the other players' responses correctly. The game consists of various cards, a Player Board for each player, and a score tracker board.

0:32 Overview
1:25 Game play
3:35 In summary

Website: https://buy.cut.com/collections/games/products/tbh-the-game-of-honest-an...

BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/334009/tbh-game-honest-answers-outra...

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