Testing Tuesday

Testing Tuesday

Join the guys at the studio as they play-test more games for review!!\

Show Notes (Thanks Dan Adams!)

00:00:00 Setup and Rules
00:26:55 Start of Game
02:27:00 End of Game Discussion

Dice Throne Season 2 (Cursed Pirate vs Seraph)
02:36:45 Setup and Rules
02:49:40 Start of Game
03:18:40 End of Game Discussion

Madcap (Nestor Games)
03:22:00 Setup and Rules
03:25:30 Start of Game 1
03:30:00 Start of Game 2
03:34:00 End of Game 2 + that toilet game Tom says he doesn't like

Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth
03:40:00 Setup and Rules
03:57:45 Start of Game
04:35:30 End of Game Discussion

04:39:30 Setup and Rules
05:00:40 Start of Game
05:29:45 End of Game Discussion

Most or Least
05:35:30 Setup and Rules
05:41:00 Start of Game
06:09:00 End of Game Discussion

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