Designed by: (Uncredited)
Players: 2
Published by: (Public Domain)(Unknown)3MAlga (Brio)ArielAvalon HillBorras Plana S.A.Carlton BooksCayro JuegosCHH GamesCopp Clark Publishing CompanyCreative CrafthouseCrisloidDal NegroDilemma GamesDujardinDynamic Games / Dynamic Design IndustriesE.S. LoweFame ProductsThe Game Crafter, LLCThe Game Keeper, Inc.Gammon GamesGeneral Sportcraft CompanyGentosha EducationGeoludieHa Ha Sisters LLCHartung-SpieleHausserHebsacker VerlagHEMAHobbyIshi Press InternationalJ.P. Raymond RivarolaJapan Publications, Inc.John N. Hansen Co., Inc.JumboL'Impensé RadicalL. P. SeptímioLongfield GamesMichael StanfieldMilton BradleyMitraMonkey Pod GamesnestorgamesOtto Maier VerlagPacific Game CompanyPhilosPlay All Day GamesRavensburger Spieleverlag GmbHReiss GamesSato Kei Shoten Co., Ltd.Skor-MorSpear's GamesDas SpielSpielquaderVolume-One ProductsWaddingtons GamesWm F. Drueke & Sons, Inc.Wood ExpressionsWoodstock SpieleWorldWise Imports, LLCZTS Plastyk
Year Published: -2200
Recommended Ages: 8+
Time to Play: 90 minutes

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